So you have been looking for a bag in which you can accommodate all your baby’s stuff while carrying your bundle of joy outside your home?

As a caring mother you would need the below to be handy all the while:

  1. Diapers – You will need 1 diaper every 2 hours and maybe a few extra just to be safe.
  2. Wipes – These can be used on your baby’s bump, your hands as well as the changing pad.
  3. Baby cream/ointment – Carry travel-sized tubes to save space.
  4. Small empty sacks – You need these for soiled diapers and clothing and also used pacifiers and nipples.
  5. Pacifiers – Maintain hygiene by storing in a clean bag along with extra bottle nipples.
  6. Burp clothes/wash cloths – Put in as many as you need plus add a few extras.
  7. Hand sanitizer – Being hygienic is very important and all the more so because of the newborn in your life.
  8. Food for baby – May it be infant formula and bottles, pumped breast milk or baby food, calculate how many feedings worth you will need and pack accordingly. You may have to include water if it’s a toddler.
  9. Change of clothes – Spit up may happen or maybe a bottle leaks.
  10. Nursing cover – To help you breastfeeding in public. This type of an accessory comes with multi-function. You can use it as a sunshade and also light blanket.
  11. Toys – Carry them to keep your baby entertained.
  12. Phone, key, money, emergency contact information like pediatrician, sitter, daycare, etc.
  13. Nursing and vaginal pads – These are essentials for you in the first few weeks after birth when your liquid output is still higher.
  14. Breast pump – Store your milk to feed your baby the best even when you are outside your home.
With the bag packed in now you can be more focused on your baby and be rest assured that all necessities are handy when need be!