Diaper Bags

We all know the added set of responsibilities and changes a newborn brings to your lives. Fortunately for you, fear of deteriorating fashion sense is not one of them. The arrival of your baby doesn’t necessarily mean the downfall of your future to bulky clothes and even bulkier baby bags.In this era of style, no parent would want to be caught dead with those pink, monstrous baby travel bags. Keeping that in mind, we present to you, the versatile range of Motherly’s baby diaper bags, an epitome of fashion and utility—helping you address the wants of today’s on-the-go busy parents.Fall back on Motherly’s mother bags for your “baby’s day out”!

Motherly Diaper Bag - Unicorn Blue
Rs. 1,175.00 Rs. 1,999.00
Motherly Diaper Bag - Unicorn Blue-Style2
Rs. 1,175.00 Rs. 1,999.00
Motherly Diaper Bag - Unicorn Gray
Rs. 1,175.00 Rs. 1,999.00

A baby’s arrival brings forth an entirely new set of adventures for parents. As exhilarating as the thought is, it is also part and parcel to an added set of fears, tensions and anxiety. It is during times like these, while you wallow about your impending doom to surrounding knowledgeable parents and wonder how you will manage to juggle the responsibilities of child care that your knight in shining armor comes to your rescue—the ever helpful, ever versatile diaper bag. 

A diaper bag, in our opinion is definitely a needed requirement for all new parents. Being spacious in size and having a ton of compartments, it is not just there to carry your young one’s diapers but all other necessities while you travel and have fun with your baby. This attractive contraption is like a dream come true, encompassing in itself your infant’s every need—from diapers and a changing mat to milk bottles, a nursing cover, an extra outfit and even your child’s favorite toy and pacifier, so that your time outside your house with your baby is enjoyable and full of leisure.

Yet, taking into account the paramount importance a diaper bag holds in the life of a new parent, it need not necessarily have to be those pink and blue paraphernalia that always comes to mind and makes you cringe. In this era of style and fashion, no mom or dad or anyone for that matter, would want to be caught dead with one of those bulky accessories that never seem to complement their outfits.

Your ideal diaper bag should therefore be one that is roomy and with a lot of compartments to carry all child care essentials; that has pockets for your fundamentals as well—your wallet, phone, charger, keys etc; that which beautifully complements your style and most importantly, that which does not become obsolete once your child’s nursing days are over.

Considering all of these prerequisites, we at Motherly put our heads together to conjure up the best backpack diaper bag that will cater to every parent’s needs. Take your own sweet time as you browse through Motherly’s versions of stylish baby diaper bags online from the comforts of your home. For the vogue parents of this generation, we present maternity bags with sober colors and chic designs that are a cynosure of fashion and utility.

Motherly’s diaper backpack is all that you need to be a successful Mother !

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Motherly Diaper Bag’s FAQs

Q - What material are Motherly diaper bags made off?"

A - Motherly Diaper Bags are made of Oxford and polyester fabrics which are durable and waterproof.

Q - Is it Indian made or foreign made?"

A - Motherly Diaper bags are being manufactured in sophisticated and high quality integrated units abroad and then imported into India by Clickr Estore Pvt. Ltd., the parent company for brand Motherly.

Q - Is there any other color available?"

A- There are many colors available: Navy Blue, Black and Gray, Powder Gray, Black, Orange, Light Green, and a few more.

Q - Are straps cushioned?"

A- Yes the straps are cushioned and soft on your shoulders to carry.

 Q - Is there a provision to hang Motherly diaper bags on the stroller?"

A - Based on customer's feedback, all Motherly diaper bags now come with 2 D rings at the back with the help of which the bag can be hang on the stroller.

Q - Does a Motherly diaper bag come with accessories?"

A – Most of Motherly diaper bags do not come with accessories.  To fulfill mothers’ demand, we have launched some variations of Motherly diaper bags which do come with accessories like a diaper changing mat, a set of stroller hook, and a bottle cover.  To be sure about the accessories inlcuded or not, do please refer to the title.