I believe everyone will second this notion that motherhood is exciting and filled with adventure. But are you a new mother who is thrilled to connect with your bundle of joy?

Across the realms of ‘dada’, ‘yaya’ and ‘baba’s’, I opine that there is a strong love language that speaks robust attention and affection towards your baby and will make your baby feel loved and wanted.


Although it varies from one to another, there  are four which are common and as a mother of a toddler I can vouch for these ones: 


Hugs, cuddles, and kisses

The warmth,  safety, and security can make your child feel immensely loved. My toddler kisses me and hugs my pet dog often which conveys that he himself seeks for kisses and hugs from people around.



Absolute involvement

Babies love and enjoy when you are just with them doing unusual things that arouse their curiosity. You won’t find one who doesn’t giggle when you hold them up above or when you tickle their tummy.



Do baby talk

Talk sweet nothings! The “Raja  Beta” or the “nanhi pari” will surely make him coo to your affectionate words.




Take the involvement of your kid to the next level by playing games with him/her like peek-a-boo. I play with my baby whenever I can and this deepens our connection vehemently.



Motherhood is so precious and pious. They say that babies grow up in the blink of an eye. So spend all the time with your tiny tot and increase your connection with him/her.