Diaper bags come in all possible sizes – voluminous and petite ones. Voluminous does not necessarily mean it is heavier. It can be spacious and at the same time very lightweight depending on the material used in crafting it. In addition, the design ranges from a regular backpack to one that of trendy, camouflaged, sleek and modern, and fun and flirty.  A diaper bag is said to be a mom’s best friend but it need not be always true. Even your child’s dad would want to carry it at times. So there comes the role of a gender neutral one! If you desire a second child this same bag shall work and you need not buy a new one provided you still find it so much in. Whatever the size, weight, design, and type of your bag is, one basic fact remains the same and that is - how easy it is to clean your baby’s diaper bag? Being a mother it is well understood how valuable your time is with your baby. Simultaneously, you cannot deny a spillage, a bottle mishap, or a diaper blowout. Against such backdrops, a water-resistant diaper bag comes as a big boon as it can be easily wiped down. You would often find a diaper bag with multiple pockets so that you can keep it neatly organized thus preventing you from digging down to the bottom each time you need something or the other. You can select the perfect one keeping in mind what specific storage needs you may have. Diaper bags with insulated compartments would help you to carry your baby food or breast pump/cups filled with regular milk as it would enable you to keep the food temperature regulated. Some bags also have an option of stroller strap. If you want to use it with your stroller you must prefer such ones.