Pregnancy is a very special phase in a woman’s life. It is not just about the living being that is growing inside you but also the number of changes that your goes through to accommodate that living being.

Every woman experiences a different kind of change. For some it might be stretch marks while for others it is swelling and weight gain. However, one thing that is common is the changing shape of their breasts.

As your breasts get reading for the feeding and nursing period, it is paramount that you take extra care of them. Moreover, breastfeeding is an art and this art requires its trusted tools. Thus, maternity bras end up being your ultimate support during your pregnancy and nursing days.

Taking all of this into account, we present to you the important features of buying the perfect maternity bra:-


Soft fabric

Breasts are one of most sensitive part of your body. During pregnancy, they become extra sensitive, thus, the fabric of your bra should definitely be soft to touch. Preferably cotton or some other softer alternative that is gentle to the skin. Since you will constantly experience size variation, it is important that your bra doesn’t cause you any irritation or itching.                    


Right support and fit

Just because your size is fluctuating, doesn’t mean that you need to compromise with your support and fit. Good maternity bras bring a solution to this ever pertinent problem. Their wider seams, additional support panels, adjustable straps and back fastenings, provide optimum comfort and ensure that your bra has a proper fit as your body shape changes. Moreover, the shoulder straps are often lightly cushioned so that they do not dig on your shoulders as your bra supports your breasts.


 It is a common misconception that things that provide utility are always boring. Usually when maternity bras come to mind, they generally come in sober colours such as beige and white. In this era of style and fashion, that is not the case anymore. Just like beautiful lingerie brightens up your day, always buy a good looking maternity bra that will instantly lift up your spirits on a day full of stomach pain and uncontrolled vomiting. So never forget to buy prints and colours.


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