Not one, two or three, a mother’s mind is always juggling between 100 things from waking up till she goes to sleep. 

If you see me in a meeting or working on a screen, my subconscious mind is constantly thinking of my child, and if not, then I’m definitely getting interrupted by my child. 🥺

Each and every mother, be a full-time working mom, freelance working mom or stay at home mom has her own struggles.

Being a professional mother and working from home hasn’t always been easy for me, leave alone the well-known pandemic effect!

So here are some tips that I use to stay on top of things as much as possible! 👇🏽


☕Start before the chaos

Waking up early before the child wakes up to ensure I get my peaceful time.  This may not be true for many mothers whose babies awake and sleep as and when their mothers do! So read point 2.


💁🏻Ask for help 

Staying in a joint family has pros and one of the biggest advantages is help and support when it comes to my child. So don’t shy away from asking for any help if you are an early riser and want to maintain the status quo.


📝Plan your day 

Have a basic layout of what your day is going to look like. Make appropriate arrangements beforehand to ensure things go smoothly. Maintaining a journal, a to-do list, or a google calendar helps if you want to be more organized.


💅🏻💆🏻‍♀️Nap time!

Baby’s naps are blessings for all moms alike!!

Try to finish all your important work while your child is napping. For example work calls or shoots, or if nothing then you too just take a good nap and return energized for the second phase of your day!


👫🏻Divide parenting responsibilities amongst partners.

A baby grows up perfectly if he/she is being nurtured equally by both the parents.  For example, your partner can spend quality time with the baby once he is home.  He can indulge in some gibberish chattering, play some peekaboo, or take the baby out for a walk to show the world around.  This will also allow you to have some me-time.


Being a mom is a 24x7 job! So do as much as you can without being hard on yourself!

Written by Mansi Bhatia