When your little one steps into your life, the definition of love changes entirely. On this special day, Motherly is offering you some of the most trusted and popular baby needs that you might consider gifting your new Valentine.


Snuggle Wraps Swaddle Baby Blanket

Wrap your creation in a soft embrace in this perfectly smooth Motherly swaddle. Choose your favorite one from the available range of attractive prints.

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Karry Kiddo Baby Carrier

And while you do this you also would acknowledge that your baby will forever need its dad’s affection to be nurtured wholly. While you walk hand-in-hand with your partner, let your baby be close to dad with this trendy functional Motherly carrier.

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Bubble Basin Foldable Bath Tub

While love is essential for your Lilliput, so is your responsibility to inculcate good hygiene from the very beginning.  Make daily bathing a fun activity with Motherly bath tubs which come with a foldable feature and multiple attractive shades. 

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Pregnancy Pillow

Do not forget to love yourself while you have always been spreading it ever since.  You probably haven’t just snapped back to your normal sleeping habits and your body will continue to need rest long after you have delivered. So, grab this multi-utility pregnancy pillow if you missed using one earlier.

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In this long journey, consider Motherly as a trusted companion that is going to be sharing the responsibility. Get everything that you need in this journey, and let yourself enjoy every moment with your little one. Happy parenting!!! ❤️