If you are reading this blog, then you must be having a child aged between 0-3 years and diapers are indispensable for you.  The question in your mind is which type of diapers to use – disposable diaper or reusable cloth diaper.  This is going to be entirely your personal choice.  However, our role at Motherly is to educate the mothers for the next generation in order to equip you with information to make an informed decision.

  1. Cost effective – Let’s do some mom mathematics here. Suppose you need 8 diapers a day on average that means you are going to need approximately 8800 diapers in 3 years. Assuming the least cost of a good disposable diaper is Rs. 8 you are going to invest Rs. 70000 in 3 years of diapering! Now coming to reusable cloth diaper, you will need a stash of 25 supplies with an average cost of each at Rs. 400 which totals up to Rs. 10,000 only. So it is Rs 70,000 versus Rs. 10,000! The discount is more if you buy all at one go with only bottom side being that you have to invest an amount upfront.  Additionally, these diapers are reusable and you can use it for your second baby, resale it, or even donate it to the less fortunate ones.
  1. Environment friendly – It might take 500 years for a diaper to decompose entirely.  Isn’t that data alarming for all our great, great, great grandchildren?  Be the controller of such a huge ecological imbalance and save this mother earth.
  1. Leak proof – The traditional cloth diapers have evolved and the modern day cloth diapers are equivalent or at times more efficient in containing your baby’s poop. At the same time, these reusable diapers keep your baby dry.
  1. Comfortable – There are no harsh chemicals in cloth diapers and they are made up of natural fibers. Obviously it’s no surprise why babies wearing cloth diapers get less or no rashes at all.
  1. Good for potty training – Although somewhat arguable, still worth mentioning that when your child feels the connection between wetness and being uncomfortable he/she would definitely want to use the bathroom.
  1. Devoid of chemicals – As mentioned, cloth diapers are made of natural fibers like cotton. No chemicals are used and hence it is safe on your kid’s skin.
  1. Reusable and resellable – As already mentioned above, you can reuse the stash for your second child or third child, resale it and donate it even.
  1. Trendy – The modern cloth diapers come with cute prints and various colors.  A bottom can never look enough awesome!

Time for you to bask in the glory of motherhood!