🤰🤱Becoming a mother is an overwhelming feeling and at the same time it is also the one filled with utmost joy and pride.

Being a working mom of two toddlers I can surely tell you this mad ride never stops🎢 and many a times I just crave for some time absolutely devoid of any diversion.

Hence occasions like Mother’s day are so important.  It’s that one day when every mother is reminded of the work and sacrifices we do each day!

So this mother’s day let me share with you my little secret of what I really want as a mother on mother’s day!  And I am really curious to know what could be yours?


😴 Firstly, I would like to sleep as long as I want without any interruption. It seems like an eternity since I did that.😴

 After I wake up, I need a hot steamy cup of tea which I can sit on my balcony and enjoy thoroughly.

🛁 Take a nice shower and spend some time dressing up. This all may sound too basic but is a real luxury when you’re a mom.

💅 During the second half of the day, I would love to make an appointment to get a massage, have a spa day with my nails done.

📸 Towards the end of the day, I would love a photoshoot with my kids  and

🥡 grab some dinner takeout from my favorite restaurant and spend time together with my kids and husband.

💝 That's all! Ohh and some gifts and compliments will be a cherry on top!

Is that a lot to ask for on Mother's Day?🤷‍♀️


Written by Sneha