A child will not wait for you to be in the comforts of your home to feel hungry. While it would have been wonderful to have clean and comfortable nursing rooms present at every corner of your city for this ever present predicament, our country is not progressive enough to reach that stage. So what can you do then, when your young one is hungry and you are on the road? The reality of the situation is that you find the closest clean spot in your immediate vicinity, be it a metro seat or a park bench, throwing all forms of privacy right out of the nearest window.

It is here that a nursing cover comes to your rescue!

Answering Why You Might Want a Nursing Cover

A nursing cover is a blanket that drapes over one or both shoulders and covers your baby while he or she breastfeeds. The cover is long enough to cover the baby’s face as well as your belly if you find that you have to adjust your outfit from the bottom in order to breastfeed. The material is lightweight and will not interfere with your baby’s ability to breathe while breastfeeding.

Want to know how using a nursing cover will benefit your breastfeeding routine? Here are a few tips on how you can make the nursing cover work for you.


1. Using a Nursing Cover Makes You Feel Comfortable While Breastfeeding.

Take some time to practice at home before you breastfeed in public. Use a mirror so that you can see how much skin is exposed while breastfeeding so that you can adjust the straps easily when you're out running errands or at work. A nursing cover will provide additional coverage to help you feel comfortable and secure against prying eyes. Moreover, it ensures that the baby stays warm during winters and is protected from scorching sunlight while the weather is warm are add-on benefits.


2. Feel Comfortable Sitting Down or Walking Around While Breastfeeding.

Instead of feeling trapped in one breastfeeding position for an indefinite amount of time, the breastfeeding cover helps you feel free to use it as a tool to help you move around. You should be able to sit down in your favourite chair, stand up, or take a short walk while feeding your baby. Your nursing cover gives you a variety of options including the freedom to move around.


3.Bonding Beyond the Public Eye

It is believed that breastfeeding is one of the important and intimate bonding times between a mother and her baby. Nothing should ever put a stopper to that moment, not even the reason that you are not at home. Use your nursing cover as a way to help you feel comfortable about choosing to bond with your baby no matter what your environment looks like. It is recommended that mothers breastfeed their baby for at least the first six months of life, if not longer. Breastfeeding gives your baby the best chance to possibly get the highest level of nutrition. Your nursing cover helps you to stand firm in your decision to parent in a way that makes you happy.


4. Usability That Delivers More

Those who are experienced will agree of the perks that a multipurpose product delivers. Nursing scarf falls under the category. You will find yourself available with 5 to 6 options with single Nursing Cover other than the designated purpose. Use it as an infant car seat cover, shopping cart seat cover, high chair cover, infinity scarf, and as mentioned above, a protective cover to your baby. The coverall functionalities enables you to be experimental when you are working around with your little one.


Helping You Choose

Motherly presents to you its variety of chic nursing covers. They are perfect for mothers who want to keep their assets hidden from provocative eyes and yet bond freely with her child anywhere she wants to. Made out of a soft breathable fabric, this feeding apron with appealing designs keeps your young one protected and cozy in its wraps. Moreover, with an open neckline, it helps you make eye contact with your child while feeding. All in all, this nursing cover guarantees a seamless experience in breastfeeding your child even beyond the comforts of your home.