Being a working mother is not an easy profession in our country. Taking your child outside your house is a task on its own and while there have been countless products designed to make this process as easy as possible, our country still lags behind in its view on child care in public. For years now, women throughout India have been battling with the issue of breastfeeding in public. Although this process is very natural, it has always been looked upon as a taboo by not just the men but also many women. It is almost unthinkable of a young mother to feed her baby in a public space, be it on the metro or a park bench because taking your breasts out in the vicinity of other humans is considered indecent. However, as a generation of open-minded adults, we have taken this issue in our stride and actively rebel against it. Unfortunately so, breastfeeding is only one of the problems that a mother faces.
An untrained child needs to be taken care of in every possible way. While there are a number of products to do so, like diapers and wet wipes, talcum powder for itches and other necessities, the place to use these, outside the vicinity of your home is still missing. You can very well make your child wear a diaper but where do you go to change the diaper once it is soiled? In a country, whose population is increasing day by day, childcare still holds a back seat.  
Although airports and high end shopping malls do have rooms specifically designed for child care, with a table to change your child’s diaper and other such amenities, they are extremely rare to find. Most of the time, mothers have to use the common wash basins in public toilets for such jobs. Not only is this strenuous for the mother who, with only two hands has to balance her baby on the basin as well as clean them up and change their diaper, it is also extremely unhygienic for both the young child as well as the other human beings who use that very basin to wash their faces and hands. These unfortunate circumstances make it very difficult for mothers to take their babies outside their homes.
But, should they be chained inside the house just because the circumstances do not favor their survival? Of course not! As educated adults it is therefore our responsibility as well as the mothers of this country to make this process as smooth as possible. In this world of equality, we are the trigger that will set the world, more importantly our very own country on a path that is ideal and favorable not just for a specific group but for all. As young mothers reading this blog, be aware that you are not alone in this struggle for an independent space, you are as much human as the person next to you and as much an important citizen of this country as the rest.
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