We all know the added set of responsibilities a new born baby brings to the lives of adults, beginning to tread the treacherous road of parenthood. Your young one certainly brings a lot of changes in your life. Thus, the need for diaper bags is of paramount importance in the lives of new moms and dads. However, being unfamiliar with this strenuous rigmarole of raising a child, it can feel like you need to pack half of your house before leaving with your baby.


Fret not! Here’s alleviating all your doubts with a detailed guide to packing your diaper bag:-


 Diapers: The first obvious essentials are of course diapers. Although, the question remains how many? It is always, as the idiom suggests, better to be safe than sorry, so approximately estimating your outing to be a long one, it is safe to carry about 1-2 days’ worth of diapers. Of course, depending on your young one’s age, you’ll need to change their diapers, on an average, about every two to three hours, so, 10 to 12 diapers for a long day is a safe bet.


Wipes and lotion: The next most important thing to carry in one’s diaper bag is wet wipes. Wipes are needed for everything—starting from cleaning your baby’s poop and pee to freshening up both you and your child. Since they are so essential for your existence, our advice is to stick to a full pack when carrying wipes. Prevention is always better than cure. Carrying lotion is also of utmost importance. Babies lose moisture very quickly so they need to be kept moisturized at all times. Moreover, using lotion on your child’s tushie before changing the diaper keeps the backside soft and safe from itches and scratches.


Diaper changing mat: In India, where child care in public has always been considered a taboo, having a changing mat is equal to acquiring the Holy Grail. We at Motherly, make your task a bit easier by providing a changing mat with your diaper backpack. The mat is easily foldable and can be taken out and put inside the backpack without any hassle whatsoever.


Disposable bags: We cannot recommend the need for these bags enough. Diaper changing is messy and is not short of its very unpleasant and distinct odour. It is during these times when these little angels come to your rescue. Take one of these bags, put the soiled diaper and seal it—the mess and odour is gone within the snap of your fingers. Moreover, these bags are also extremely handy when your young one vomits unplanned. Although, we wish we could throw away every outfit that falls prey to these unfortunate incidents, since we cannot, use one of the disposable bags to drop in the soiled outfit to wash it later when you get back home.


Alternative outfit: You never know when tragedy might strike in the form of spills, spit ups or vomit. Therefore, keeping an extra outfit in your diaper bag is a must. Actually, to be safe on a long journey, it is always better to have at least two handy.


Nursing Cover: If you are still breastfeeding your child, it is always helpful to keep a feeding scarf at hand in order to avoid undesired attention to your breasts or sly comments about indecency. While it is unfortunate that our country people still think that a process as natural as breastfeeding a baby in public is a taboo, having a nursing cover with you will save you from unwanted attention. Motherly helps you with these woes by presenting feeding scarves for nursing mothers.


Food: A hungry baby is never happy and judging by your child’s age, they are usually always hungry. Make sure to therefore keep a handful of snacks handy for your young one. Milk bottles are also extremely important. Motherly diaper backpacks have insulated milk bottle pockets to successfully carry warm or normal milk for your baby at all times.


Water: If your child is over six months old, water is another essential. Not only them, mothers are also advised to be hydrated especially in this Indian heat. The diaper bags at Motherly are perfect for such predicaments, since we provide secure side pockets to easily carry your water bottles.


Toys: Toys are extremely important to keep your child entertained for a significant amount of time. Make sure you carry one or two of your child’s favourite toys on a long outing as well as your child’s pacifier (if they use it). These will make the tantrum times easier to control and “pacify”.


Your personal items: Since diaper bags are cumbersome articles to carry, it is usually troublesome to carry a separate bag for your personal things like your phone, charger, wallet, keys etc. Thus, it is advised to securely keep all your needed belongings in the diaper bag as well. To ease the process of looking for your personal things in a hoard of your baby’s essentials, Motherly has designed a secure back pocket to keep your personal belongings safe. Added to that, our bags also have an attached key hook to safely hang your keys.


Keeping all of the above in mind, we present to you, the exciting and versatile range of Motherly’s Backpack Diaper Bags. Coming in sober yet stylish colours along with dapper designs, these maternity bags are an epitome of fashion and utility. Convenient and comfortable to use, it offers a varied number of storage options for all your child’s essentials.


Motherly’s diaper backpack is everything that you need for you and your baby’s outing!