Have you seen tired mothers lugging those enormous pink and blue diaper bags and you sighed because you knew you had to carry those exact things at one point of your life? Have you wondered how horrible they’ll look with your own outfit and how cumbersome they will be to handle along with your sprightly baby during your travels? In this era of style and fashion, we are sure no mom or dad would like to be caught dead with one of those monstrosities.

Fortunately for you, nowadays, having a child and being a parent does not necessarily mean the downfall of your future to bulky clothes and ever bulkier accessories. Keeping in mind the significance of utility and the idea of “looking good”, the fashion icons of the world put their heads together and designed the most beautiful thing that a new parent can rock—the Backpack Diaper Bag.

 Diaper bags are definitely one of your official gears once you start treading the treacherous waters of parenthood and it is extremely important to make sure that the said bag can provide you with the utmost utility. So, what are the features that you needed for your perfect diaper bag? It is simply really—something which could be:

  • Easy to carry, obviously.
  • That could sustain being stuffed in a stroller or thrown on the backseat of your car.
  • That was neutral enough to be carried off by both parents fashionably.
  • And lastly, that which could endure an extreme amount of wear and tear.


    It is here that the backpack diaper bag comes in handy! Having a smart backpack perched on your shoulders while you take care of your young one, just transforms your entire aura into that of an uber cool version of your older self. 


    You might be wondering what’s so exceptionally cool about backpack diaper bags that make us rave about it so much. Let’s count, shall we!





    As a parent of a newborn, you are always required to take care of your little one in every possible way. Having the diaper bag on your back therefore helps you navigate yourself, your baby as well as the innumerable things that your baby needs a lot more smoothly than when having a shoulder bag which always seems to slip off of your shoulders.  






      Your baby always needs so many baby gears with them that a diaper bag usually tends to become extremely heavy. Having it on your back therefore distributes the weight evenly, making it easy for carrying and good for your back.






      We cannot emphasise how important pockets are for diaper bags. Having so many things to carry all the time it is always extremely important to distribute them properly so that you don’t have to rummage around the bag for hours just to find a diaper or your baby’s tiny pacifier. Backpack diaper bags are amazing that way since they provide you with a number of different sized pockets for a multi-purpose function and to always keep all your necessities safe and in place.





      As mentioned earlier, neutrality of the bag is key. No mom or dad or anyone for that matter would want to be caught dead with one of those old fashioned, bulky shoulder monstrosities nowadays. Thus, with sober yet stylish colours, backpack diaper bags are an epitome of fashion and utility. Try it, you will not regret it!






      Lastly, these backpack diaper bags are versatile enough to grow up with your baby. The suitable and unique design of these bags helps them not become obsolete once your baby has grown up. Once the nursing and diaper changing stages are over, these bags can be transformed into travel or laptop bags, even your child’s school bag for that matter. These bags are made for the long run!


      You will find all of this and more in Motherly’s Backpack Diaper Bags.


      Motherly’s backpack diaper bag is everything that you need for you and your “baby’s day out”!