Tropical Bliss Diaper Handbag

Rs. 2,499.00
Rs. 1,349.00
      • The bag measures: 39x12.5x29cm. Weight: 540 gm. 52×29.5cm reusable urine pad
        (changing diaper mat) also forms a part of the package to give you a hassle-free commute experience.
      • Exteriors & Interiors: 3 LAYERED PROTECTION. Waterproof Oxford Fabric (BPA free) 2. Innermost PU layer (for strength & stability) 3. Sandwiched nylon fibers
      • Highlights: 1. 9 well-sized pockets for accessible storage & organizing 2. Roomy main section 3. Stroller hooks for hands-free usage 4.Side straps for irritation-free 3-way carrying (adjustable), 5. Zipper openings - 2 front, 2 side pockets, 1 large back pocket with zipper can carry multiple child’s elementary items, electronics, etc. allows you to have access to your belongings without fumbling.
      • What’s new: Gorgeous floral prints for an exceptional style all year long happy vibes. Additional reusable diaper mat & stroller hooks included in the package helps you in a mess-free commute.
      • Care instructions: Hand wipe with a damp cloth. Use a mild cleanser. Do not bleach. Do not iron.


We have got all that parents require in MOTHERLY DIAPER BAGS: Our Tropical Bliss is an exemplary entry in the diaper bags world with fresh summary vibes of gorgeous tropical greens. Travel-friendly, waterproof, lightweight, spacious, and easy to clean, the mom- baby care accessory is a must have update for your fashionable, functional, and fab wardrobe. 9 roomy pockets, changing diaper, fitted zipper closures and adjustable straps are some of the many perks that the diaper bag comes with. . Stroller hook set makes it a brilliant carry companion making it suitable for walking, shopping, traveling, etc. and can be used as a tote/travel/regular diaper handbag. Summary color theme gives it an extremely relaxed bohemian vibes. With so many benefits, what stops you from gifting it to the moms and moms-to-be(s) in your list. Take it out for a spin with effortless organizing and exclusive style that speaks elegance. Whether you are handling things solo or travelling with your peeps, Motherly Diaper Bags are bound to make a lifestyle statement among your friends and family!!!

Disclaimer: We strive to offer our patrons with exactly what they ordered, however owing to a variety of situations, there may be some differences between what you see on our website and what you see physically.
The color may appear to be slightly different physically. The difference could be attributed to the fact that each production is done in various lots, and the hue/shade varies somewhat. Multiple other technical factors, including but not limited to the weather at the time of manufacturing, can cause subtle variations in the color/hue of the fabric/print/embroidery, none of which we have any control over. Sometimes, product also looks different digitally due to photographic lighting sources and your monitor/screen settings.
We make sure that what you see is as close to the real product as possible and we definitely ensure that the color/hue is same on each product.

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Tropical Bliss Diaper Handbag

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