Tropical Bliss Diaper Handbag

Rs. 2,499.00
Rs. 1,299.00
      • The bag measures: 39x12.5x29cm. Weight: 540 gm. 52×29.5cm reusable urine pad
        (changing diaper mat) also forms a part of the package to give you a hassle-free commute experience.
      • Exteriors & Interiors: 3 LAYERED PROTECTION. Waterproof Oxford Fabric (BPA free) 2. Innermost PU layer (for strength & stability) 3. Sandwiched nylon fibers
      • Highlights: 1. 9 well-sized pockets for accessible storage & organizing 2. Roomy main section 3. Stroller hooks for hands-free usage 4.Side straps for irritation-free 3-way carrying (adjustable), 5. Zipper openings - 2 front, 2 side pockets, 1 large back pocket with zipper can carry multiple child’s elementary items, electronics, etc. allows you to have access to your belongings without fumbling.
      • What’s new: Gorgeous floral prints for an exceptional style all year long happy vibes. Additional reusable diaper mat & stroller hooks included in the package helps you in a mess-free commute.
      • Care instructions: Hand wipe with a damp cloth. Use a mild cleanser. Do not bleach. Do not iron.


We have got all that parents require in MOTHERLY DIAPER BAGS: Our Tropical Bliss is an exemplary entry in the diaper bags world with fresh summary vibes of gorgeous tropical greens. Travel-friendly, waterproof, lightweight, spacious, and easy to clean, the mom- baby care accessory is a must have update for your fashionable, functional, and fab wardrobe. 9 roomy pockets, changing diaper, fitted zipper closures and adjustable straps are some of the many perks that the diaper bag comes with. . Stroller hook set makes it a brilliant carry companion making it suitable for walking, shopping, traveling, etc. and can be used as a tote/travel/regular diaper handbag. Summary color theme gives it an extremely relaxed bohemian vibes. With so many benefits, what stops you from gifting it to the moms and moms-to-be(s) in your list. Take it out for a spin with effortless organizing and exclusive style that speaks elegance. Whether you are handling things solo or travelling with your peeps, Motherly Diaper Bags are bound to make a lifestyle statement among your friends and family!!!

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Tropical Bliss Diaper Handbag

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