Bath Tub Pad - White Yellow

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BRIEF – This newly designed petal shaped cotton bath tub is an alternative to traditional plastic ones. It improves bath time experience for you and your baby as it is soft and comfortable.

MATERIAL – Cotton.

SUITABLE FOR – Newborns, boy or girl, up to 6 months of age.

DIMENSION - It measures 29 inches tip-to-tip. The center of the flower is 8 inches in diameter. It has 7 broad petals.

WASHING INSTRUCTIONS – Machine washable, easy to dry.

Description: Motherly is ecstatic to present this newly conceptionalized baby bath tub with seven wide contoured lotus shaped petals which offer optimal sink coverage and comfort by creating a safe seat that cradles your baby during bath. This is an alternative to hard plastic baby bath tubs or baby bath seats that do not cradle your child during bath time.