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Motherly Baby Stroller cushion is a safe and comfortable way to carry your toddler all year long. Soft breathable cotton is anti-bacterial and irritation free. With cotton on one side and mesh on the other, it can be used reversibly. It is machine washable. Easy maintenance and handling ensures its durability. The belt clipping system secures the baby by efficiently attaching to the baby carriers (car seat, pushchair, pram, baby carrier or stroller). Interesting and colorful patterns let you walk your baby in style!


Features & details


  • Dimension: 78cm*35cm, Head Width: 40cm, Thickness: 6cm, Weight: 420 gm. Light weight car seat pad for babies 0-3 year olds.
  • Fabric: Ultra-soft, breathable cotton on one side and comfortable mesh on the other facilitate reversible, all year long usage. Polyester cotton filler makes it last long.
  • It is easy to remove and clean, machine & hand washable. Ensures hygienic surrounding for your toddler. Attachable to car seats and strollers to secure the baby. Hassle-free seatbelt installment.
  • Universal Size fit for infant carriers, car seats, push chair, pram or strollers.
  • Uniquely tailored butterfly shape and split leg cushion perfectly maintains baby’s posture and provides all-round body support.


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What   You Can Expect


Comfortable & Soft Fabric

Breathable cotton keeps the baby cozy and comfortable. The anti-bacterial covering lets your baby play in clean and hygienic conditions.


Can be used on both sides

The cushion has cotton on one side and mesh on the other. Both the fabrics essentially promote even flow of air, making the product extremely suitable to be used all season long from both the sides.


Split Leg Cushion

The convertible seats are meant to provide your baby with the necessary support. Split Leg Cushion keeps your baby in a safe, comfortable, and correct posture.


Butterfly Shape

Cute and unique butterfly frame keeps check of your baby’s head. The shape is created to ensure that your baby’s neck and shoulder get the required hold-up.


Easy To Use, Safe And Secure

Quick and easy attachability with zero complexity. Super secure, risk free lock adjustment.


Trendy Pattern

Eye catching, colorful pattern to get your baby’s attention.


Fit For Multi Baby Car Seats

Accounting for multiple baby carriers, the cushion is tailored to support a trouble-free adjustment. You can use it in infant carriers, car seats, Pram or strollers.


Quality That’s Worth It

With a baby to look after, your demand for quality is sorted here. Thorough quality check is the key factor to deliver uncompromised product. Premium fabric, easy to carry, transferrable, efficient seat-belt adaptation, and bacterial resistant covering combine for a quality car seat cushion.


    Check Pointers 

  • Made from breathable cotton
  • Anti-Bacterial
  • Easy machine wash
  • 78in×35in
  • 420 gm Package
  • 6cm thick
  • Usable for 0-3 years old babies
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