What has been changed:

1. Logo primary Colors

2. Logo font size

Why we have changed it ?

1. The existing logo color (Reddish) is generating feeling of energy\enthusiasm however Motherly offering services to New Mothers and baby hence we wanted a feeling of soft, smooth, delicate, soothing. Our new color “turquoise” perfectly do that.

2. We wanted to have a feeling of neat and clean. While printing our existing logo on products it becomes clumsy hence we decided to make existing font thin so that it looks neat and clean on any products or designs.


Logo Icon Story:

Do you look at your child and just smile ?

Not because your child did something amazing , but because you realize how blessed you really are . And for that special bond that you two hold, there cannot be any compromises. As a mother you are bound to accentuate the needs for your child and we are here to do just that with our line of products that you can get CHOOSY about for your loved little one.

Because compromise is not an option.

The logo design is carved with the ideology, two line curves one bigger than the other which signifying that the mother and the child share a special bond. It symbolizes the caring sumptuous nature of the mother and the naive nature of the infant both cuddling bringing in the formation of a heart.

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