Little Sunshine Baby Dry Sheet - Sika Deer

Rs. 799.00
Rs. 349.00
  • Available in 3 dimensions: 50×70cm; 0.18kg, 60×90cm; 0.25kg, 90×120cm; 0.47kg. It is easily carriable anywhere.
  • Fabric: Made up of 3-layered composite fabric. 1. Topmost combed cotton wool is extremely gentle & irritation free on the baby’s skin. 2. The middle layer is breathable, waterproof thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) which shows extraordinary water resilience. 3. The bottom-most fabric is bamboo fiber terry cloth membrane which excels in proper gripping. It holds the sheet in place, giving it an anti-skidding characteristic.
  • Gives 3600 protection: Keeps your arms, mattresses, sheets, sofas, car seats, strollers, floor, chairs, etc. from getting wet & stained from urine. It helps in maintaining clean & hygienic surroundings while your baby sleeps, sits in it.
  • Supports 4-season functionality: Supreme quality interlayered fabric (non-toxic) along with dual-sides availability makes it fit for all-yearlong usability. Machine washable.
  • Stylish addition with modern prints: You are welcomed to a pleasing display of colors & patterns (come in 5 different colors) that works as a wonderful attraction for your baby.

Product description

3-Layered fabric Featuresmultipurpose interlayered fabrics with different properties. The top-most layeris gentle on the baby's skin. The middle layer is super absorbent &waterproof. The third layer is anti-slip which makes it difficult to shift thebaby diaper mattress. Multipurpose While the babysleeps, sits, or plays in it, it protects your mattresses, sofas, car seats,stroller, floor, and other baby carriers from getting urine-stained. It soaks-inthe liquid, keeping your surroundings clean, dry, and hygienic. Dual-side usage The baby drysheet mat can be used from both sides. Easily Carriable Simply fold thesheet and it is available and handy. You can keep it in your handbag, carry itwhile you are traveling, use it as a baby sleeping mat. Reusable Replace it oncewet. Wash and reuse it. Safe & secure Extremely softagainst your baby’s delicate skin. It is non-toxic & does not cause rash& irritation. Eco-friendly We ensure thatthe material & development techniques used do not have any negative impacton the environment. Compliments your lifestyle Trendy styles& beautiful patterns surely catch your baby’s eyes. You will be verycomfortable carrying it around & outside. Key Features 3 different sizes: 50×70cm, 60×90cm, 90×120cm (0.18, 0.25, 0.48kg respectively) 3-layered fabric Multipurpose Dual-side usage Soft, safe, non-toxic Portable Reusable Trendy colors & patterns Eco-friendly

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Little Sunshine Baby Dry Sheet - Sika Deer

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