Motherly Baby Teether

Rs. 799.00
Rs. 650.00


ATTRACTS YOUR BABY’S ATTENTION – The plastic loops are designed in bright colors which attract your baby’s attention instantly.

EASY TO HOLD AND PLAY – The loops/handles are optimally designed in a curved shape for your baby to want to grab it as soon as he/she sees it.

IT RATTLES – As soon as your child’s unsteady hands grab the toy, it starts rattling which further attracts him/her to indulge with it.

IT ENGAGES YOUR BABY - Indulging with this toy gradually teaches your child that this colorful (eye) toy when grabbed (hand) makes a rattling sound (ear).  So, the baby learns Eye-Hand-Ear coordination. Now the curious baby needs to do more! Finally, as with any child, your baby too ends up putting it in his mouth and the engagement continues when he finally tries chewing it.

ITS SAFE FOR YOUR BABY – The material used in making this teether is BPA free plastic which is a food-grade material and has no side effect.


Motherly presents your bundle of joy an ever enriching experience with this teether toy. For the first time, it understands colors, feels, and sound. The child feels confident when it is able to hold the teether easily and finally put it in his mouth. We have taken care to keep the baby’s safety our priority and hence used food-grade plastic to create it!

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