Motherly Stuffed Soft Koala Bear Plush Toy- Gray & White

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Motherly amazingly lovable Koala Bear plush toy makes for an exclusive present for your little one. This adorable little cartoon themed animal is extremely soft, non-toxic. Compact size and lightweight enables your kid to carry it around anywhere. Realistic & engaging, it is great for skill enhancement of younger ones at an early age. Easy storage and cleaning make its handling very convenient. Beautiful color and squeezable, it makes for a perfect gift for your precious ones and keeps them occupied.


Bullet Points:

  • Comes in 4 different sizes (Height, Weight): 14cm, 0.06kg; 17cm, 0.08kg; 21cm, 0.1kg; and 30cm, 0.235kg. Compact size & light weight makes it easy to carry around, store and play with.
  • Material: Plush, polyester fur outer fiber, Stuffing: PP Cotton. Non-toxic and safe. Comfortable and gentle against your baby’s skin.
  • Realistic, skill-enhancing & engaging: Lifelike appearance is highly appealing. Helps in developing a sense of responsibility & social skills among the little ones.
  • Perfect for 0-3 year olds: Based on the cartoon theme. This cute and cuddly delight is bound to become your toddler’s best buddy.
  • Multipurpose: Perfect surprise for your tot. It is a good companion for your kid, all-day-long. Also well suited as window/room display and stress buster.

A+ Content



Tactile softness with fur covering makes the cuddle-kin a gentle, comfortable, and irritation-free partner against the baby’s delicate skin.


Plushy Gift

A squishy little companion that you can gift your baby to hug around. A birthday present or just a surprise to keep them reminded of your love.


Decorate your child’s room

This eco-friendly merchandise can adorn your child’s room and make the ambiance lively and fun.



Steals a little time

A nap-time partner, a lunch buddy, a nap time pillow, a play-pal, a go-gossiper, and what not? While they are busy with their daily “hard work”, you can steal some time to relax from your hard work.

Stress Buster

Squeeze that tummy when need be. Hug it out this cuddly little jungle creature. It will work as a wonderful medium to keep the blues away.



  • 4 Variants (Height): 14 cm, 17cm, 21cm, 30cm
  • Fur exterior
  • Filling:  PP Cotton
  • Gentle, soft and comfortable
  • Multipurpose use
  • Cartoon theme
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