Evolution Diaper Bags

If you want a no-fuss, practical diaper bag, Motherly Evolution Diaper Bag is a new-age find for you. Spacious construct with 14 pockets provides optimum storage for your baby’s belongings. It is water resilient and easy to clean. Light-weighted & portable, the bag comes with a USB cable to adapt the power back and charging point to make it your go-to device. So now you don’t have to worry about getting your phone discharged while you are commuting. Evolution is an optimum precedent of space utilization. Gorgeous finishing and elegant colors combine to deliver a chic look. Adding features that serve as your on-the-go help, EVOLUTION is an exclusively designed handy tool to befriend you on different occasions for an EVOLVED motherhood and EVOLVED you
Rs. 2,999.00
Rs. 2,499.00
  • Dimensions: 44x28x29cm, Weight: 0.95kg. 2 insulated milk bottle pockets measuring 9x13cm.

  • USB port and charging point: Adaptable to power back, the USB port lets you charge and use your cellphone and laptop conveniently, saving you from fumbling while you are outside. With a fixed patch for cable attachment, you can leave the worry of tangling and losing the chord at bay.

  • Fabric: Durable & sturdy. Interlayered fabric provides 3-way-protection. The outermost waterproof layer and innermost PU layer (for strength & stability) sandwiches nylon fibers that result in the bag’s elasticity.

  •  Practical design with 14 pockets: Upgraded detachable insulin pockets (2 insulin pockets attached to the Velcro base) to contain milk bottles in the front lets you use the space by convenient removal and adhesion as the situation calls.

  • U-shaped back pocket and section divider: Give the rear entrance a more efficient way. The back of the bag also has a flap opening. You can simply seize the lower velcro flap and attach it to the upper section with the adhesive velcro, dividing the bag into 2 different compartments. Anti-theft back pocket, Stroller/crib holder strap, key chain clip, internal mesh, internal dry and wet separator are some of the many conveniences that you will find available to carry your child’s elementary items, electronics, etc. It allows you to have access to your belongings without fiddling.


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Evolution Diaper Bags

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