Motherly Reusable Cloth Diaper with 1 Insert - Pattern-D02

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BREATHABLE AND WATERPROOF: The outside material is made of PUL that is resistant to water while being airy.

GROWS WITH YOUR CHILD - Adjustable snap layout fits babies and toddlers from 3 to 13 kg so you save time and money looking for different sizes.

SAVE MONEY AND THE ENVIRONMENT - Reusable diapers are budget friendly and environmentally conscious

ANTI-LEAK DESIGN - Gentle elastic around legs and waist provides protection against leaks.

SUPER ABSORBENT - Interior consists of 3 thirsty layers of natural fibers.

Product description




Package content:

1. One insert.

2. One diaper cover.


1. Outer- A waterproof & breathable PUL.

2. Inner- Suede cloth (It is an excellent choice next to baby's skin for pocket style cloth diapers).

Washing Instructions:
Wash cloth diapers separately from other laundry. Separate insert from diaper. If soiled, shake off solid waste into a toilet. Rinse in cold water. Machine wash at warm using mild detergent. Hand dry. Do not use fabric softeners, bleach, or dryer sheets.

Wash temperature: under 30 degrees Centigrade.

Attention: Please wash diaper cover and the insert separately, please do not wash diapers together with your other clothes. Tip: You can add a little salt in the water when you wash the diapers